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What is the Blue Duck?

What is a Blue Duck?

The Blue Duck is the defining difference of your product or service, making you unique from the competition. The Blue Duck answers the most important question, ‘Why should I choose you’ in the marketplace, and to answer that question, there needs to be a difference maker.

Have you defined your Blue Duck?

Can you demonstrate why I should choose you? Can I get your offering elsewhere? The Blue Duck puts the emphasis on the value a customer receives when they purchase your product or service and the uniqueness that this value can only be delivered by you! This is a different from focusing on features. Instead of including a list of features hoping that one of them might resonate with a potential customer, our team will work with you to discover your Blue Duck, and market your brand’s benefits on a more personal level.

Your product's differentiated benefits should align with the interests, needs, and values of a defined target audience, but most importantly, it must demonstrate why you!

Have you put your Blue Duck on display?

It's amazing how many organizations and companies have a Blue Duck, yet they have not discovered the difference. It is easy to take it for granted that your products are better, or your service levels are higher than your competitors, or rely on the principles of the P’s: Product-Pricing-Performance. However, with endless opportunities for consumers, your offering gets lost in a sea of sameness with your competition claiming best product, best pricing, and best performance. It’s important to differentiate your product in any industry, but especially if you’re in a crowded market with strong competitors. The goal is to show potential customers what you can offer that other businesses can’t—and why that’s valuable to them. We help you market that difference. That’s the Blue Duck approach.

What is our Blue Duck?

At RMAPLES, our Blue Duck is not our expertise and experience in business consulting, digital marketing, and event management. Our Blue Duck is the unique talent of our team to integrate with our clients to achieve growth in their businesses. There is no one solution for all, each project and business have its own personality, characteristics, and challenges and the art of listening and integrating is the key for success. We’ve seen and encountered many changes throughout our decades of experience and are adept in pivoting to meet those challenges head-on. We genuinely want to help you stand out. It's not just what we do - it's who we are. We cherish our partnerships, valuing relationships above all. Other’s success is our passion, its our obsession, and that is what makes RMAPLES the right choice.

How do I Blue Duck my Brand?

Simple! Our Blue Duck has ears too! Let us set up a free consultation and let you do the talking (or quacking) and define success!

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