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What is a Blue Duck?

The Blue Duck is the defining difference of your product or service, making you unique from the competition. The Blue Duck answers the most important question, ‘Why should I choose you?' in the marketplace, and to answer that question, there needs to be a difference maker.


Have you defined your Blue Duck?

Can you demonstrate why I should choose you? Can I get your offering elsewhere? The Blue Duck puts the emphasis on the value a customer receives when they purchase your product or service and the uniqueness that this value can only be delivered by you! This is a different from focusing on features. Instead of including a list of features hoping that one of them might resonate with a potential customer, our team will work with you to discover your Blue Duck, and market your brand’s benefits on a more personal level. Your product's differentiated benefits should align with the interests, needs, and values of a defined target audience, but most importantly, it must demonstrate, Why You!

Put Your Blue Duck to Work.

How Do I Blue Duck My Brand?

Simple, our Blue Duck has ears too!

Let us set up a free consultation and let you do the talking (or quacking), and tell us how you define success! 

We help you market the difference. That’s the Blue Duck approach.

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