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VR Driving


Brand activation is the process of forging an emotional connection with your target audience through interactive events and experiences. It goes beyond traditional advertising to influence people and emotionally connect them with your brand. The unique experience it provides has many benefits including fostering trust and loyalty. Innovative, interactive experiences get people buzzing. People love to document and post about them. By making your experiences shareable, you improve your brand’s reach. These events can successfully serve your brand by increasing your brand authority and introducing your products to new audiences.  


Tablet Jeopardy

Everyone knows the classic TV game show Jeopardy. It’s iconic for a reason. Tablet Jeopardy makes a great addition to your trade show booth. It’ll draw people in, get them to stick around to have fun, and ultimately create a positive impression about your business or brand.

Influencer Marketing

One way to harness the power of social media is through influencer marketing. We help leverage influencers effectively and strategically to achieve your trade show goals. Your exhibit space is used in conjunction with other marketing (think swag) becoming an amplifier of peer influence. 


Virtual Reality Simulators

You need the right entertainment to bring booth traffic. Bring the golf fairway, baseball field, airline cockpit and more right to your booth! Not only will people be lined up to try, they’ll want to go again and again, as they try to improve their results – or beat their friends.

Fun & Games

Games ensure your booth stands out, resulting in additional foot traffic, brand awareness, and leads. Every extra second attendees linger is more time to deliver your message and capture their information. Also, games help visitors retain information about your brand and service.


Scavenger Hunt

Far from being just for kids, AI scavenger hunts are used to meet attendees, gather data and promote your brand. People love to compete. They also love to get rewards and prizes. These innate concepts are presented with a well orchestrated scavenger hunt. 

Let's Get Physical

Standard product demos won’t always capture customer attention. Sometimes you need to get creative and encourage them to work for a prize! Game shows, money booths, blender bikes or even dance contests are fantastic ways to build a strong connection with your target audience.


Maximize Your Efforts.

Ready to inspire, engage, and ultimately convert your target audience? Then you’re in luck. A brand activation campaign helps you gain that competitive edge, make an emotional connection with your target audience, and increase sales.

Build your business by marketing the difference. Blue Duck Your Brand.


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