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Richard Maples is an executive adviser and organizational consultant with a proven track record in growth strategies, long term planning, program implementation, sales leadership, business development,  digital and tactical marketing, and modernization of business analytics. Richard has significant experience in designing and developing of various marketing and revenue-generating programs to help organizational leaders steer implementation from concept to market.

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Business, sales, and marketing strategies do not have to be complex. Most organizations have the assets in place and the pathway to the market to increase sales, or in the case of events, increase attendance, and only need minor adjustments and exposure to more resources at their disposal. The RMAPLES approach is to identify the key strategies that create the most effective outcomes, help build the plan and infrastructure, train and mobilize the team, and watch the growth begin!

The RMAPLES customer is any business owner or leader looking to grow by increasing sales and growing profits. We help organizations achieve their objectives with consultative and tactical services ranging from business analytics, strategic planning, marketing, business development, sales deployment, logistics execution, financial management, and organizational leadership. Beginning with a comprehensive discovery process, we work tirelessly towards your success. 

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